RSA Journal

RSAJournal (Rivista di Studi Americani) is the official journal of AISNA (Italian Association of North American Studies). It publishes research and scholarship in all aspects of the language, literature, history, politics, society, cinema, and culture of the United States, either in itself or in its global context, and it invites contributions by both members and non-members on specific topics in the field as well as general essays. RSA is peer reviewed and appears annually.

Submissions must be in English, must use the MLA Style Manual and Guide in Scholarly Publishing in text, notes, and bibliography, and must be no longer than 40.000 characters maximum (including spaces, notes, and bibliography). These must be accompanied by a 200-word abstract and a separate cover sheet bearing the author’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and affiliation.

Submissions are blind reviewed; the author’s name should not appear anywhere in the manuscript. RSA reviews submissions with the understanding that they have not been submitted concurrently to another journal. Please send essays as MS Word attachments to:

Editorial Board: Gianfranca Balestra (Editor), Daniele Fiorentino (Assistant Editor), Gianna Fusco (Editorial Assistant), Marco Mariano, Mena Mitrano.

Advisory Board: Tiziano Bonazzi, Cristina Giorcelli, Nancy Bentley, Don Doyle, Winfried Fluck, Donatella Izzo, Andrea Mariani, Ralph Nadel, Giuseppe Nori, Greg Robinson, John Paul Russo.

Author Title Pages Volume Issue Year Link Language
Michele Bottalico The American Frontier and the Initiation Rite to a National Literature. The Example of Edgar Huntly by Charles Brockden Brown 3-16 No volume title 4 1993 English
Andrea Carosso Economy of Logic: The Emergence of Monetary Form in Anglo-American Pragmatist and Idealist Discourse 17-30 No volume title 4 1993 English
Andrea Mariani James Merrill: A Postmodern Poet? Yes & No (With a New Poem by James Merrill) 31-56 No volume title 4 1993 English
Laura Coltelli Le Sacred Waters di Leslie Marmon Silko 57-65 No volume title 4 1993 Italian
Mario Materassi Rudolfo A. Anaya. "The Cutting Edge of the Struggle." An Interview with Mario Materassi 67-79 No volume title 4 1993 English
Michele Bottalico Introduction to "Message from the Inca" by Rudolfo A. Anaya 83-86 No volume title 4 1993 English
Rudolfo A. Anaya L'inedito: "Message from the Inca" 87-96 No volume title 4 1993 English
--- Notes on Contributors and Abstracts 97-100 No volume title 4 1993 English
Mario Materassi Editor's Note 3 No volume title 5 1994 English
Donatella Izzo Women, Portraits, and Painters: "The Madonna of the Future" and "The Sweetheart of M. Briseux" 5-28 No volume title 5 1994 English