Call for papers

Jamesian Cultural Anxiety in the East and in the West

 International Conference of the Henry James Society

GFF 2017: Realities and World Building


The creation and experience of “new” worlds is a central appeal of the fantastic. From Middle Earth to variations of the Final Frontier, the fantastic provides a seemingly infinite number of fantastic “worlds” and world concepts. It develops and varies social and cultural systems, ideologies, biological and climatic conditions, cosmologies and different time periods. Its potential and self-conception between the possible and the impossible offer perspectives to nearly every field of research.

as peers - American Monsters

For the general section of its tenth issue, aspeers seeks outstanding academic writing demonstrating the excellence of graduate scholarship, the range of concerns
scrutinized in the field, and the diversity of perspectives employed. We thus explicitly invite revised versions of term papers or chapters from theses written by students of European Master (and equivalent) programs. For this section, there are no topical limitations.
Contributions should be up to 10,000 words (including abstract and list of works cited).

The submission deadline is 23 October 2016.

Call for Contribution - RSA Journal N. 28

RSA Journal, the official journal of the Italian Association of North American Studies (AISNA), invites submissions for its 2017 issue on “Touring Texts: Tourism and Writing in US Culture.” While critics have noted time and again the constitutive nexus between travel (in its manifold guises), travelogues, and the formation of American culture(s), the specific practice of tourism has emerged over the past decades as one of the most interesting fields of research.

What's Next?

In occasione dell’assemblea AISNA del 23 settembre 2016, il network dei giovani americanisti AISNA Graduates organizza una giornata dedicata ai giovani ricercatori di American Studies in Italia –– laureandi di laurea magistrale, dottorandi, titolari di assegni di ricerca, borse di studio, docenze a contratto –– così strutturata:

Ore 09:00 -10:30 -- What’s next?

Roundtable sulle possibilità post-dottorali in Italia e Europa:

"Understanding (Human) Nature”

The 13th International Spanish Association for American Studies (SAAS) Conference, "Understanding (Human) Nature” will be held at the University of Extremadura. Cáceres (Spain), 5 - 7 April 2017. The list with the 24 panels issuing out call for papers can be accessed at the following site:

Conflict, Power and their Representations

The concept of conflict is omnipresent in the public and therefore in the political sphere but it is also a key part of the intellectual domain. In the field of literature every work is bound to describe or comment on various forms of conflict. Agôn and polemos have always been part of literature and politics.

Forging the American Century: World War II and the transformation of U.S. internationalism


The intersection of contemporary debates about the future of American power and recent developments in the field of diplomatic history compel us to reconsider the foundations and contours of the American Century.

The Profane West

The profane: not limited to the blasphemous or the obscene, but rather encompassing that which is underrepresented, undervalued, censored, denied, and/or secretly shared. Unofficial and unsanctioned pleasures and punishments. The necessary complement of the sacred, helping both to define and erode it.

Writing Herself In the World: Women's Autobiography and Relationship to the World

International conference on women’s autobiographies
Research group FAAAM, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre